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Halving FAQ

Q: What's a halving? Does that mean I'll have twice/half as many coins?

A: No, a reward halving is when the fixed subsidy for miners gets cut in half. This has happened twice before, and will happen many more times until all bitcoins have been mined (21 million).

Q: Who decides when halvings happen? Can this be stopped?

A: Satoshi embedded the halving algorithm into the consensus protocol of the Bitcoin network. It can only be changed if every user of the network decided to change it as part of a hard fork. One of Bitcoin's core offerings is its fixed and unchangable monetary policy, so it's exceedingly unlikely that it is going to be changed.

The reward function (in Bitcoins) is r(h) = 50 / (2 ** floor(h / 210000)), where h is block height.

Q: I noticed some of your measurments here are different than those on other countdown clocks. Why is that?

A: Since mining is a probabilistic process, it's impossible to predict when new blocks will be mined. On average, new blocks are mined every 10 minutes, but this can vary a lot. So it's hard to predict exactly when block number 630000 will be mined, but all answers will converge when the time comes. Since everyone does the math slightly differently we all get slightly different answers.

Update: I've been noticing the hashrate seems to be a lot higher than usual. I wrote a modified block halving ETA algorithm that bases block times on the average of the recent blocks, but I won't display it directly as might give too misleading predictions, or my code might be wrong. You can check its answer below:

Q: Can I use this event to make money?

A: Probably not. But it's been observed that crypto bull markets have happened in the (roughly) year after each of the previous two halvings, so take that how you will.

Q: Bull markets? Does that mean I should buy Bitcoin?

A: That's up to you. I'm not your financial advisor. Don't invest what you can't afford to lose.

Q: I have another question for you

A: I can be contacted at the following addresses...